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I specialize in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). I work with both individuals as well as couples. ISTDP, an emotionally-focused and experiential technique, is based on findings from neuroscience, physiology, mindfulness, attachment studies as well as, trauma work and psychodynamic theory. Your goals and difficulties are addressed in a rapid and active manner.

ISTDP is an effective and well researched technique that is useful in addressing issues including: typical problems in living; relationship and interpersonal difficulties; stagnation in one’s life; self-defeating patterns; trauma and abuse issues; and, significant clinical conditions (e.g., Depression, Anxiety, Panic, and Personality Disorders). Notably, ISTDP is also a complementary treatment for medical problems and is effective in treating physical symptoms unexplained by medical examination (Somatization); for example, headaches for which no medical reason can be found. The literature is showing that unexpressed emotional conflicts are related to health problems, e.g., impaired immune functioning.

In using this method, we will act as a team to pay a focused and caring attention to you during each moment of your session. The focus in ISTDP is to help one overcome internal resistance to experiencing feelings about present or past conflicts; additionally, it activates the healthy forces and strengths within you. The previously avoided emotions and material can be processed and worked through. Frequently, such feelings have been avoided as they are too painful to face; unfortunately, not addressing these internal conflicts typically leads to difficulties in functioning and problems with symptoms. In facing emotionally difficult aspects of life, you can be relieved of symptoms and moreover, have a clearer understanding of yourself both emotionally and cognitively, and be freed to live a healthy life to a full potential.

Call or email today to arrange a consultation. I look forward to working together to achieve your goals. Congratulations on taking this step towards fulfillment and well-being.

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